Hacking other’s google adsense account

Few days back, my friend’s google adsense got hacked by unknown person. Needless to say that he never reached those phishing sites, neither he gave his secondary email’s password to other. How was his password hacked?

When I tried solving his problem. I asked help for google, by clicking on “can’t access my account” link. After following some instructions, I was welcomed to this screen

I let him fill out the form with as much information as he had. Then after few hours google replied him in his mail with a link to reset his password. Thank god then he recovered his password. But again the same problem repeated, the account got hacked once again. I guess the person who might have hacked his account must be so much clever that he again used the same method to use get back the adsense account.

The game of recovering and recovering is going on an on. The theif never quits as every time the password is recovered, he applies same technique to recover the password back again. And so does my friend.

I hope there is some better solution to make your adsense account more secure. I wish google to read this post.

Next time be careful folks, who knows next victim might be you.

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