Google Adsense’s new and advanced user interface

Comparing the user interface of Google Adsense with Google Analytics, it seems Adsense is much classic. While Google Analytics is filled with all the ajax, Adsense seems to have only some CSS and HTMLs. Many of the Adsense users may be wondering if Google Adsense have its own detailed report, not only page wise but also some more details about the clicks and pages.

Now no worries friends, because Google Adsense is up on the way to new user interface which look some what similar to the interface in Google Analytics. Google Adsense’s new user interface is still in beta mode.

AdSense soon will change user interface and the preview looks really nice and smooth(see the image above). The new AdSense interface includes more detailed performance reports and enables you to view daily stats in graphical formats. It also will provide you with additional metrics such as the amount you’ve earned from various ad, targeting and bid types. The new interface is tested by a small group of publishers and hope soon come as live version.

I hope, we all will love it.

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