Track your image file even it has been modified in Web

With the rise of image thievery, it has bee more challenging and complicated task to get rid of image thievery. Even if it is copied, you might never notice it. No matter how hard you try to secure your image contents, even there are lots of software that can easily remove your watermarks.

In the crowd of content thievery, there are also certain helpful tools in internet that can make your content safe or at least track your contents. Whenever somebody copies your images, needless to mention that they rename the filename and even replace your watermarks with yours. But haven’t you desired to track the location of all of your image contents?

This can be a single but major step to make your image contents safe. Like CopyScape, we have TinyEye’s Reverse Image search which can track all the images that are published in any website of this world. TinyEye’s search bots can still track your images even it has been renamed and modified a bit. Find out where an image came from, how it’s being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or you can even find higher resolution versions.

How do they do that?
TinyEye’s Image search use image identification technology rather than keywords, metadata or watermarks. When you submit an image to be searched, TinEye creates a unique and compact digital signature or say ‘fingerprint’ for it, then it compares this fingerprint to every other image in our index to retrieve matches. TinEye does not typically find similar images; it finds exact matches including those that have been cropped, edited or resized.

Let me show you an example.
I screen printed a domain’s logo in my post in HackTweak about article, Facebook banned domains.

And I searched for it in TinyEye’s Reverse search engine and got following results.

Even though I’ve modified the image, you can see that how it recognized the main image content.

Don’t you want this tool? Unlike Copyscape, its totally free.
You can visit to have a look over it.
This Reverse Image search is also available as Firefox and Chrome’s plugin.
Click here to download it for Firefox
Click here to download it for Chrome

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