Norton Internet Security 2011

Antivirus software is a must for every personal computer while using the internet. Generally the antivirus software provides protection against viruses, malwares, email spams etc. The Symantec Corporation has been providing its best in the antivirus software that it releases and the Norton Internet Security 2011 which is the latest. This antivirus software is not only compatible with windows Operating system but also the Macintosh systems also.

The Norton Internet Security 2011 has improved a lot in its services. The reputation-based defenses is added which can check for untrusted or uncommon files and gives a trust level for the applications used in the system. This new version can check even the Facebook applications and its news feed and also posted links on the walls of social networking sites. The signature protection feature with the SONAR 3 engine can find the malicious actions in a process.

Some other features are like proactive performance option alerts helps users to find which certain process takes more memory thus making the computer to slow down. Identify safe feature is provided for certain browsers like IE and Firefox that can help to protect personal data from hackers. Another feature is it gives the information whether the download is safe or not and protects malware being downloaded. Parental control management has been enhanced in the current version. The safe web feature is a browser toolbar that can alert the user about the potentially dangerous websites that come in the search results.

The standalone applications introduced is the Norton Power Eraser that detects and deletes the scare ware file and also it sends information about the scare ware and delivers the report about the analysis in Norton’s servers. The bootable recovery tool provides PC protection by cleaning the infections without booting into the operating system. The spam filtering works impressively in scanning and removing the malicious attachments in the emails. Most of the malware attached files in different formats like zip or html can be detected with accuracy and malicious content will be deleted before entering the system.

The Norton Internet security 2011 is enhanced in performance and installation speed compared to the previous versions. This version of antivirus will not reduce the speed of the system after installation too. Thus Norton has provided a consistent, reliable protection for every internet user.


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