Control your phone via your Citizen watch

The development of Bluetooth technology is probably one of those landmark moments in the history of science and tech, given the fact that it has brought about a major shift in the way people perceive mobile phones and has led to the appearance of an absolutely huge number of accessories that make use of it, whether we’re talking about headsets, headphones, speakers or… watches

 In fact, Bluetooth watches represent exactly the subject we’ll talk about as follows, namely the latest two products of this type to arrive on the market, created by Citizen Japan. These products, called AIBATO M, connect to the user’s mobile phone via Bluetooth, and in certain cases (some select mobile phones from Japanese carriers), can control some of the respective handhelds’ functions. Hence, users will be able to remotely trigger the camera (which can really come in handy when you want to take a photo of yourself with your mobile phone and there’s no mirror around), but also to browse emails and show call and message alerts. The timepieces (although they’re a lot more than that) are charged via an included desk-stand, a full-charge providing around five days of non-stop functioning.

However, the battery life will probably vary, depending on just how often the watch’s functions will be used. The AIBATO M watches from Citizen are available in two color models, namely a Black one, which is accompanied by a urethane band, and a Silver model, accompanied by a metal band. However, they both have the same size and weight, namely 4.3 x 43.6 x 13.4 mm and 100 grams, making them fairly easy to carry around on one’s wrist. Citizen’s new Bluetooth watches are scheduled to arrive in stores, in Japan, for the time being, starting with July 1. Unfortunately, no pricing details have been provided.

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