Bluetooth 3.0 Specifications Rumored to Be Released

When Bluetooth first appeared, it was conceived as a wireless alternative to the RS232 data cables. As you can probably figure it out, there wasn’t much faith in this brand new short-range data exchange technology. However, Bluetooth has grown so fast that we cannot even conceive Bluetooth-less gadgets anymore and rumors of Bluetooth 3.0 specifications being released have already surfaced.

According to Phonescoop, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group is going to announce its next version’s specifications later this month (as in April 2009). As you can probably realize, Bluetooth 3.0 will have increased speeds (some say extremely increased) and will allow transfer of large music collections, photo libraries and, why not, even large video files.

The new 3.0 version is also supposed to use a new Enhanced Power Control method that will reduce the chance of disconnection occurring if you place the Bluetooth-enabled device into your pocket, backpack, briefcase or purse (man-purse if you’re a man). Using generic Alternate MAC/PHY (AMP), Bluetooth 3.0 will be operating at Wi-Fi-like speeds, with the 802.11 Protocol Adaptation Layer enabling the Generic AMP feature to be used together with an 802.11 radio via Bluetooth pairing.

These are only rumors mind you, but if they are correct, we will be finding out a lot more about these thing’s new specifications, as well as chip makers on April 21, when it’s supposed to be officially announced. In case you didn’t know, the word Bluetooth comes from the Danish word Blatand, which was the name of King Harald I of Denmark and Norway, who united Scandinavian tribes into one kingdom. The Bluetooth is supposed to do what King Harald did, except for communications protocols, that were united into one universal standard by the Bluetooth protocol.

  Courtesy: softpedia

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