10 Most popular articles in HackTweak

Most of the older blog posts remains hidden in HackTweak. However, there are several posts that are always active and gains most hits. This time those 10 posts will be exaggerated in this post.

  1. How to Hack Computer Using IP Address: This post contains a basic tutorial to hack and acess remote computer or server using Telnet method.
  2. How to Make Virus Using Visual Basic: The very simple tutorial for beginner to create virus using visual basic.
  3. 10 Good Reasons to choose Blogger over WordPress: 10 pin pointed good reasons of blogger over WordPress CMS site. Read this if you are starting in to a new blog world.
  4. How to Pair Cellphone and Computer using Bluetooth: Yet another very basic step by step tutorial to connect your PC and Cellphone via Bluetooth.
  5. Update your multiple blogs from Facebook: A step by step tutorial to update your WordPress, TypePad, Blogger and many other blogs from your Facebook account.
  6. WordPress Thesis Blogussion theme for Blogger: A Web template for Blogger Blogs.
  7. How Phishing websites are made: Core tutorial about the methods that phishers applies to create a phishing website.
  8. Bad Things about Internet Explorer 9: List of things that you might find awkward in Internet Explorer 9 Beta.
  9. How to get IP address using any messenger: Read this tutorial to track IP address of your friends using any web messenger.
  10. Try pinguy OS, Linux made for beginners and for ease of use: A very basic Ubuntu derrived Linux for newbies.
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