Accessing Hotmail/Yahoo or any other mail from Gmail Account

This tutorial might be very useful if you are a traveler and have more than one account in different domain servers. Signing out and signing in again consumes your valuable time. However, you may have the habit of collecting all the mails from different servers at one place using Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, or other third-party email clients.

But if you are trying to read all mails in one account away from your desktop or in public computer then you’ll need to setup whole email client again. This may make your emails insecure, especially in public computers and again wastes your valuable time.

However, hotmail supports email forwarding, they only allows you to forward emails to the following domains:,,, or a Windows Live Custom Domain. This is not what you may want to do.

Today, in this tutorial, I am going to guide you through the steps to access all of your emails from one email account, Gmail.

The main flow of this tutorial is to make Gmail account your main email account. Then, forward all Hotmail/Yahoo or an email account, to that Gmail account. In this way you will be able to access other email from Gmail.

Follow my step by step image tutorial to easily get your job done.

First of all, login to your Gmail Account (main account). After logging in at the top right corner, click on settings.

In the next page, go to Accounts and Import tab. Under Check mail using POP3, click on Add POP3 email account button.

New pop-up window will open. In the Email address field, enter the email address which you want to access using Gmail.

Click Next Step button.

Now in new window, you’ll have to enter the username, password and POP server address with port.
Username is the user id that you use to access your email from Hotmail or Yahoo or any other email server. Password must be same that you use to access Hotmail/Yahoo. You may leave POP Server and port field default, as Gmail automatically selects favorable server.

Check on the favorable conditions and click on Add Account.

If you want to send email as Hotmail/Yahoo address the check on Yes, I want to be able to send mail as

Click Next Step.

Again in next page, enter your name and click next.

In next page, you can select either of the option to send mail from specific server.

Click Next.
Now they’ll ask you to verify that you own that email address. Click on Send Verification. They’ll send mail to address specified.

Now login to your specified email address and check the mail. And click on the verification link.

If verified, you’ll be redirected to following page.

Now go to main page of Gmail. You’ll see at the left sidebar your external email address.

Now you’ll be able to send and receive mails from external server.
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