Buying a domain name and make profit by selling it

We all might know about the profits that they make from Foreign Exchange, Oil exchange, Metal exchange and other commodity exchange. But what we can start is web domain exchange. There are thousands of people who are registering their own domain names, but the problem strikes there way, for example read this:

I’d like to buy a domain, but I discovered that it’s already registered by a bulk domain buying company. I tried to contact them but I have received no answer.
Do you know how much these companies charge in average for a domain? Or are they focused on the traffic and clicks and will not let it go?
Any recommended approach to bid for the domain?

Lets assume that someone or some organization wanted to buy on their organization’s name. But unfortunately that domain came be one of the parked domain that shows lists of keywords only or may be is yours. They might want to purchage at any cost. And you bought that domain only for $2 or $3.

They’ll contact you to sell to them, and you might ask $20 for it, or you might ask $200,000 for it, or, who knows, $2 million. What’s it worth? Well, that depends. If they’re a huge company with a massive marketing budget and are passionate about obtaining this exact domain then $500,000 might be a fair market price for it. But then again, maybe $100 would be more than it’s worth.

You may sell 1 KG Gold when it’s price is high but you cannot sell the same amount of Gold crossing the higher limit that Gold have in the current world market. But buying a domain name and selling the same domain name does not comes under this limit umbrella. There’s no third party, no standards organization, no reference point for what domains are worth.

The profit you make from web domain exchange depends upon what domain name you buy. Unsurprisingly, the closing bids for “”, “”, “” and “” aren’t very impressive, but there are a few that shine as particularly good domains: “” (sold for $20,000), “” ($5,000), “” ($5,000), “” ($15,000) and “” ($15,500). Based on that, “” should certainly be worth at least $20,000, don’t you think?

I hope you got some terrific ideas to earn money by buying and selling a web domain, rather than those advertising.

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