Creating Alladin’s Lamp using NURBS in Alias Maya

This basic modeling tutorial will teach you how to make Aladdin’s Lamp using NURBS modeling technique. By the end of this exercise, you will be familiar with concepts such as revolving, extruding and circular fillets.

Let us begin this exercise.

Open Maya and create a new project by clicking on File>project>new.

In Side View draw a curve using the EP curve tool as shown below.
You must move the Bottom control vertex while holding down ‘x’ on the keyboard to snap that end of the curve to the origin.  

Using the EP curve tool, draw another curve for the lid.

Let us now draw a curve for the snout of the lamp.
Draw another curve for the handle.
Create a NURBS circle and snap it to the end of the snout curve. This can be done by holding down ‘c’ while moving the circle.
Create another circle and snap it to the handle curve. Scale the circle down as the handle is thinner than the snout.

The schematic of the Lamp is almost done. Now lets head for surfacing.

Select the circle for the snout and shift select the snout curve and extrude the circle along the curve.
Surface->extrude. In the channel box, under the extrude options, decrease the scale to make the snout narrow at the top.


 On similar lines get the surface for the handle. Here you need not scale the extrude down. Instead you can select the hull of the surface and scale it down to close the hole at the end of the handle.
Select the lid curve and revolve it to get the surface.
Finally, select the lamp curve and revolve it to get the following result.

The snout and handle may appear unnatural to get rid of this we can blend the snout and handle to the surface of the lamp.

Select the snout and the lamp surface.
Click on Edit NURBS->Surface Fillet->Circular options box.

You must figure out the value of the radius to get the proper blend. Similarly, you can fillet the handle to the surface of the lamp.
That is all . Aladdin’s magic lamp is ready. You can texture it and render it.

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