Finding your own IP

As our country’s ISP user’s population is increasing day by day I found lots of newbies on the net who doesn’t know about IP adress of themselves.

This very basic thing tutorial is for the neest of the newbies.
I’ll tell you how to get your IP address,locally from your PC and online also.

1st of all (for those who don’t know), IP address is a unique ID to your machine. Like fingerprints are to humans,IP addresses are to PCs. Its a set of 4 numbers describing your PC uniquely and also give us an Idea about the location.

The set of numbers is in the format
Where xxx can be anything from 0-255 (i.e. there can be any of the total 256 values for each part)

Now,we come to the focus of this post. Getting your IP address.

  • Locally,you can get the IP address of your PC by navigating to (XP users) Start>Run and typing in “ipconfig” without the quotes. Alternately Press the WinLogo+R and type “ipconfig” without the quotes and press enter.

    A black window containing a lots of information,(but our area of concern!)the IP address will be listed under “IP ADDRESS”
    A side-note to this,this black window just flashes on the screen. You need to take a screenshot of the window to get the desired information(by pressing PrintScreenSysRq key and then pasting the image in Paint or PhotoShop,etc.

    So there are chances that you miss out the desired information if you take the screenshot too early or miss the black window away! if you take the screenshot too late. Now comes the online way to save you from these woes! Read On..

  • So,the other (a.k.a the online )way is to simply visit What-Is-My-IP and get your IP address. But if you use proxy to surf the Internet anonymously then you’ll get the IP of your proxy server. Not of your system. Similar problem will be faced if your ISP masks your IP (for security purposes). So getting it locally is the way to go,then.
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