Get traffic to your website or blog using Firefox tricks and tools

There are several methods to bring traffic to your website. Mostly spoken one is advertising your website. But rather than advertising creating back links to your blog is the key to get traffic to your website. Let me share you some tips to get traffic to your website using FireFox. The most commonly used Firefox plug-ins/add ons that increase your efficiency.

You travel all over the web, entering passwords, log in info, leaving your signatures, different signatures for different forums and topics, you stick your link everywhere you can – it becomes a pain to type the same info over and over again. With Clippings you highlight text and then save via a right click menu, you name your clipping and from then on it is accessable via right click contextual menu and/or a shortcut key!
So for example: I simply press “ctrl + alt + v” and my selected hotkey “B” and my signature containing my ebay store address, main domain and blog all automatically appear, I also press “ctrl + alt + v” and “E” and my email address fills a field. You can also use this for common html tags such as or

Right click, capture either entire page or visible area and then upload, save.print,edit, email or copy to clipboard, it takes all of a second saves as a .png,.jpg, or .bmp.

Hopefully, when you seriously want to promote your page,blog or hub you take advantage of social bookmarking sites, why bother logging into all those different pages when you can do it with just one click with your toolbar.
Reddit – like it, one button
Digg – 1 button submission, just enter the captcha
StumbleUpon -thumbs up, one button
Nobody wants to give up screen real estate to toolbars, a simple right click and you can hide them all away until you want to submit another page.

So you have completed your page – spread it across the social bookmarking pages, used clippings to post links quickly at your myspace/facebook/hi5/linkedin etc. profiles.
Now submit your link to be queried and indexed by all the major searches all at once.
Ping – Submit your page to approx 50 sources at once:

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