Google’s Instant result about FIFA World Cup

Google has always been mysterious. In this Football Festival, Google supports instant result about FIFA world cup results, highlights and time schedule in your local time.
When you search for “FIFA World Cup “ (without quotes) in Google, it will instantly list the results with systematic table about the previous match and upcomming match, along with wins, draws, loose and points.
Also you can view the time schedule for specific match by using following keyword, “FIFA World Cup Brazil Vs North Korea”.  It will list up the time schedule for the match in your local time. Also it will show the link to view overview of both the countries.
If you want to see the result you can type the same keyword as above. For example, for yesterday’s match result, “FIFA World Cup Japan Vs Cameroon” keyword will list yesterday’s match along with the points of group. You can also view the highlights.
This is really helpful and time consuming tool by Google for this month.
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