Hiding that annoying Navigation bar of blogger

Ok Simple and clear. Today while I was playing with the layout and html of this blog i discovered that the Navigation bar located at the top of the blog is named as navbar. I searched it how to hide.. I was unable to find the solution because actually it is not embeded in our html script it was actually iframe. So I decided to use CSS script. Last time I did same to hide some of the tables and undeletable contents from my site http://www.sirfsuraz.com I was aazed of the results that the bar is gone. Here is what i typed in the area where similar CSS scripts were embeded.

#navbar-iframe {

Note: Although this makes ur website as ur own. It is creating me problem like i cannot sign in to my blog directly which i use to go from that navigation bar. But it doesn’t matter me I can do type http://www.blogger.com/home while viewing my blog.

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