InfoLinks Beats Out Kontera

In-text advertising is being popular nowadays, as it is key for getting lots of Click Through Rates in your website or blog. I use to have kontera as one of the agent. But I was not satisfied with Kontera. So anyway, I added Infolinks and just let it do its thing. After 2 weeks running Infolinks I realized that the payouts per click were higher than Kontera and I thought to myself, well thats not bad. Well, today when i logged into Infolinks, I came to realize that I have earned the same amount with InfoLinks in one month than I did with Kontera in the entire year.

Another thing I noticed when I switched from Kontera to InfoLinks was that the javascript that InfoLinks uses loads faster so it reduces page load time.

Well, if you’re unhappy with Kontera then I suggest you try out InfoLinks(try infolinks any how). They seem to have worked very well for me since I joined them and you might be surprised by the results yourself as I am. It has offered my higher payouts and better performance in terms of page load time so give it a shot and sign up and let me know what you think/decide.

They are really co-operative and friendly to each and every user of infolinks (see the comments in this post by infolinks). Infolinks is not a slefish agent like google and Kontera and bla bla bla… You get personal touch from infolinks. Do you know that, infolinks doesn’t have built-in contact form in their website because they want us to contact them via mail you know guess why? simply because they care for their customer.

Let me add you furhter, have you ever noticed that infolink never activated their affiliate program. I don’t know the exact reason but it seems that infolink is being strong in in-text advertising market. I simply love this. It is better than adsense. I really salute you Infolinks and the workers from infolinks. How it feels working with Infolinks? Please comment here!

Try Infolinks Click Here to see them

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