Making your content load faster than design

Is your blog slow? How many javascript is being loaded to your site on each page load? Is it 4? 5? 6? or even 7? No matter how many javascript is being loaded to your site, your site will still be slow.

The page will first try to load the HTML skeletons, javascript and CSS scripts before it loads the main content of your blog. This means that your blog contents will at last.

If your visitor got chance to see at least the contents of your blog before the fantastic animations and special effects of your blog then there would be great chance that your visitor will return to your blog again and again and browse it more furiously

 Most of the blog says to load put its external javascript loading code at the head of the blog. This will make the blog to load javascript first before it loads your contents. So best method to load your blog faster will be to load the javascript codes at the end of the page. Here is how to do that, just few easy steps. Search for the external javascript loading code.

To search those external codes, go to LAYOUT -> EDIT HTML-> EXPAND WIDGETS.Then find for “.js” code in your HTML EDITOR. This will give you the source file. Copy the whole tag and paste it at the end of the blog but before the HTML tag.

Now you are done. Browser will load your contents first then loads your external javascript codes. Making the contents of your site to load faster and the special effects and other Javascript later.

Also try these simple tips, Keep images to a minimum. If you must include photos on your front page, display a thumbnail or low-resolution image with a link to the larger image.

 Say no to auto-play audio/video files. Slow and annoying β€” not a good combination.

 Place the most important widgets above the fold (the portion of the page visible without scrolling down) so people can get right to the good stuff. Remember that savvy surfers are largely β€œbanner blind.”

Don’t fill your page with cumbersome ads that are just going to get ignored anyway. Resist the temptation to fill every bit of space.

Leaving some white spaces is mightier to your eyes, and white space takes no time to load.

At least if you applied this principle then you’ll obviosuly have a quality website.
Hope this helped you little bit πŸ™‚

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