Posting HTML codes without rendering

While I was writing for Adding social bookmarking options in Blogspot, I came across this peculiar problem. Whatever HTML code I would write in my post would get rendered and wont show as it is. First I tried tag, but failed. Finally i came across an easy solution. Here it goes, hope this will also be useful to you guyz.
Let say you wanna show this code in your post

<a expr:href='”” + data:post.url’ target=’_blank’><img alt=’Digg!’ src=’’ title=’Add to Digg’/></a>

If you put it this way it will get rendered and wont show as is.To avoid that, open Notepad and paste the respective notation code(for notation code refer to the table).
To modify the massive html notation do this,
*Go to Edit->Replace (or Ctrl+H) and in the Find what box, write the html code you want to replace and in Replace with box copy the notation from the table below and click on replace all.

Characters Notation
(Name Code)
& lt;
& gt;

Note: Please remove the space between & and lt; or & and gt; before pasting it in Replace with box.

Then copy all the edited codes and paste it to your post and publish it. View your lately published site, you’ll be reading the html code instead of browser rendering it.

Ah… forget about it.. came up with its new web software to convert these codes..
Just go to the above link and paste your link to be converted. You’ll get parsed code within a second depending upon the size of code. 😉

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