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Today I will tell you how you can register your own domain absolutely free in just few simple steps. I will give you step by step instructions for registering your domain so that you can register your own domain and give some what professional look to your blog as mine. So what are you waiting for lets get started.

First of all go to and check for availabilty of your domain.
If the domain name that you want is available you will get a screen like the one below.
Note : Most of the domain names are free but there are premium domain names for which you will have to pay. If the domain you want is a premium one and you do not want to pay then try another domain name and try again until you get a free one like the one in the example. Once you get your free domain name click the “Continue to registration” button and proceed to the next step.

Now once you have got your domain name its time to register an account at CO.CC.Then click on “Creat an account now“.

Now you will get a registration form. Fill it, Read their terms of service. If you accept then put a check in “I accept the terms of service” button and click on “Creat an account now“.

Congratulations your domain is now register.

But you are not finished, yet after you have registered your free domain name, you need to setup it in 48hours or else your domain name will be back deactivated. So, you need to be quick. Now you want your Blogger blog to be hosted in this domain, follow these tricks to get your blog with your own domain.

After the above process, Click on SET UP button. Then, select the option number 2 which is Zone Records. Fill in the box with all the following values:


TTL: 1D 


 Make sure you also include the WWW with your domain name. After that, click setup.
Then, you also should add 4 more zone records to the settings. Why we do this? This is to make sure that your domain also can be accessed with and without the www infront of it. So, if anyone type instead of, they will be directed to your

First, you need to add 4 more Zone Record follow by the following diagram. Make sure the Type is A, not CNAME and TTL is 1 H not 1 D We have already setup CNAME before. Also do not include the WWW in the domain host. Just put Then, use the following for the Value:

 HOST: (This time exclude “WWW”)
TTL: 1 H
Value 1: 
Value 2:
Value 3:
Value 4:

TTL and TYPE are same for all values.
 When, you’re done you will have 5 Record Zone in your setting. 4 type A and one type CNAME just like the above image.
Now, we have already done setup everything in CO.CC. Lets move to the Blogger to setup the domain and replace your blogspot domain with this free domain name. In your blogger dashboard, click on Settings.

After Setting, click on the Publishing Tab. Then, select Custom Domain and click on Switch to advanced settings. Fill your domain name in the your domain including with WWW in it. Enter the word verification and lastly click Save Settings. 

Finally you are done, you now own your own
Congrats 🙂
Hope this article was helpful. 

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