The Autorun.inf- New for someone old for everyone

New for someone and old for man, I just want to remind you guyz that you can easily remove the recent VB script naming MS32DLL.dll.vbs which works with the aid of autorun.inf in your harddrive. This virus is mostly transferred via USB pendrive which don’t have any write protect function.
Although i recommend you to use a good virus removal software or script blocker. When you open any of the hard drives may be USB or primary hard disk. You will be directed to this visual basic script which drives your computer crazy. It becomes hard to access your harddrive.
Here’s a way how to disable this script atleast.
As it works with the help of autorun.inf you must be aware to find the autorun.inf file in your hard drive which is read-only and hidden.
NOTE: Remember this script also blocks some of the contents in Folder options . For example, “show the hidden files“.
So DOS, which is the best way for hackers as well as repairers to edit your computer.
Do the following.
Locate the infected drive either C:, D:, E:, F, and so on.
Now search for the file name autorun.inf using dir command.
” C:/dir autorun.inf (where C, is your drive)”
I know that, it won’t discover any of the file name autorun.inf as it is the hidden one. Try the following:
” C:/dir/ah (where C is ur drive letter)
Now you can see the files autorun.inf of approx 100+ Kb and MS32DLL.dll.vbs file.

Autorun.inf is the Master and MS32DLL.dll.vbs is a worker. Autorun.inf gives order to work out on the computer. So first you must delete the file named autorun.inf try these codes.
“C:/del/ah/f autorun.inf”
I think the file is now deleted

Now type following commands:
“C:/copy con autorun.inf (Enter)
open=explorer.exep(Press F6 button and hit enter)

Now you are approx. done.
Now do the same steps for MS32DLL.dll.vbs file as i mentioned in STEP 4
Try to restart the computer
You’ll see the result, if not worked better you use a better virus removable and be prepared for future. If you want to remove this virus first download your usb drives and ur hard drives. Don’t keep any backup.
AND HEY DON’T forget about the program wscript.exe check if it is running or not in you taskmanager. It makes the vbs file work.

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