Uncover Tiny URLs and be safe on net

Since few days lots of mail with tiny urls is sent to me. I don’t know where does those links go for, but i am sure that clicking those links does not benefit me in any preceptives.

Tiny URLs, they can redirect you anywhere. You could land on a site with lots of flash and background music that is enough to freeze your browser or worst face a site with internet worms or viruses which may cause imense harm to your computer.
So it becomes somewhat meaningful to uncover those tinyurls before opening them so that you can stay on the safer side.
Till now I’ve yelled out two ways to uncover those Tiny URLs.


Each tinyurl has a preview page which displays it redirection. It shows toward which page is the url redirected. For example, if you have a tinyurl http://tinyurl.com/2lsfje
then its preview page will be http://preview.tinyurl.com/2lsfje
So the idea here is to enable previews by default so that whenever you click a tinyurl, you will first be redirected towards the preview page where you can get to know that where the url redirects.
To enable this you just have to visit TinyURL’s preview page[ http://tinyurl.com/preview.php ] and click “enable previews”. Now with the help of cookies, your browser will always redirect any tinyurl first to its preview page.

You can go to http://www.linknark.com and paste the url that you want to reveal. It will show you the original place that the link will take you to.
There is another service by http://www.hop2.com which does the same work as tinyURL.com so you can try both’s link to reveal its destination.

So next time, somebody gives you a tinyurl, don’t forget that it could be a window to viruses and worms!!

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