Unlimited Invitations from Google Wave

Today I got invitation from Google Wave.

And it is shameful to say that Google missed to code the HTML email properly. You can see “Table Row” tag incomplete and being shown. Hope Google will correct this soon.

Lets get to the topic. My topic was, getting unlimited invitations from Google Wave.
To apply this trick you will need at least One Google Wave Account and at least One Google Wave Invitation left to invite others.

First, create your entirely new mail account in Gmail.com. Then log in to your Google Wave account.

Click Invite Others to Google Wave and write your new Gmail address at Enter an Email Address Box.

Login to your new Gmail account that you’ve just created and accept the Invitation. You will be redirected to your New Google Wave Account from where you can send further more invitations.

Now u can see 8 Invitations left in your new Google Wave Account. You can keep inviting 7 people. When you have only one Invitations left follow the whole method again, i.e. create new Gmail account and invite it.

If you want invitations from Google Wave you can contact me. 

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