34 Government websites hacked in Nepal

Today I read on local newspaper with the above title. It says that all the previous contents of the website is no more in backup. Whole server has been damaged. The authorized engineer claimed that the server was actually down because of lack of power. Due to some technical problem in server all the backup data now is lost.Government is trying to re-enter all the datas and information to the computer. Well, this is what the authorized person says.
Then what is the concern about hack?

Nepal’s website, especially government website, has been hacked many times. And I feel personal websites are much more stronger than Nepalese government websites. Even though ministry of information and technology stated that loadshedding helped to damage the server, some of the sources claimed that the server was hacked.

According to the source said that most of the blocked website contained these message,”Hacked by algeria yusuf”. But the information was removed later.
What do you think? Is government trying to hide the facts that there web security is weak? It isn’t true that the experts are lacking in our country, there are thousands of powerful coders in our country who have to work foreign. Isn’t it true that the government is lacking proper internet coding?

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