Recent posts by Category or Labels in Blogger

To beautify my blog I thought of having most recent posts by the specific category. I first tried this widget by inTechgrity.

I was impressed by it, but I was having problem with it. Since I wanted to call the Javascript more than once for multiple widget they published a known issue, that is we could call the script only one time per page disabling us to have multiple widget of same kind. inTechgrity declared that they’ll fix this soon and I am waiting for the fix.

And finally I chose an alternative. I thought of simple hack for the default widget by blogger, FEED, which shows recent posts chronologically from any RSS source you define.

To call the latest posts from the specific Label or Category, I applied simple tweak, you can also apply it as following:

First add a Feed widget from your blogger layout. Then in the feed URL, include your feed URL in following format:

This will list all the posts labeled in YOUR_CATEGORY. Replace it with your own label.

Add as much widget as you need for your specific category.

And you are done, hope this trick was helpful.

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