Starting with Photography- Some basic tips

I started my blog with tips and tricks about technology. My blog is now 3 year old and I am adding something new content in my blog. And that content is what I am keen about, Photography. Photography always attracted me. I neither have high tech Cameras nor I am a Professional or trained photographer, I am just a hobbyist. From now I’ll be posting everything that I know about photography and some photographs as well.

So in my first post about photography, I am telling you some must-be considered facts that you must know before taking photographs.

Lets start then.

Most of the photographs that we take are without using tripods/stands. The use of tripods prevents the image to look shaky when you press the shot button in your camera. Taking photographs without using tripods or support results blurry photographs which  is really a big problem. You can avoid such problem by holding the camera by both hands or resting your elbows on your chest. Also you can use a wall for support. But using a tripod is recommended for the better results.

Since photography is all about light, light factor must be considered while taking photographs. You don’t want dark subjects and bright backgrounds, do you? So always think of how the light is striking your subject. Always put the light source behind you. Consider shady place instead of direct sunlight while taking portraits of a person, else you’ll get shadows of nose and several parts of your subject person’s face. Cloudy day is most beautiful day for photography.

If you want to have a clear shot, it is much better you go closer to the subject. Every dedicated camera have zooming features now a days, you can zoom on, but if you are holding the camera without any support like tripod and the subject is too far then you must go closer to the subject.  Zooming farther objects without using tripods is not recommended for good results.

Your results also depends upon how you position yourself.

You can take photographs by tilting your camera to any direction. Vertical and horizontal are most common photographs. You can also
try several angles to make it creative. Its your judgment which makes the photograph better.

Put something disturbing to your photograph to make it much more beautiful. For example, you can place your pet near the door if you are taking the photograph of your house. This makes the viewers to enjoy your photograph.

The digital cameras allows you to take number of shots for free. You may take the greatest shots but if they’re all the same type, they may be dull to look at. You can spice up your collection by adding variety. Include landscapes and people shots, close ups and wide angles, good weather and bad weather. Be as much creative as you can, since photography is an art.

Well these are some basic photography tips that will help you to take simple and basic photographs. Next time I’ll post you more.

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