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Nokia Tube – an iphone killer

Nokia has come up with a new phone (presumably) to tackle the threat of iphone… its called the Nokia TUBE… the various features of Nokia TUBE are.. –>>quadband phone –>>3G enabled..massive advantage ahead of iphone.. –>>16:9 touch interface.. –>>integrated GPS with geotagging facility –>>may be not finger touch… seems like a stylus touch..Nokia Tube, the […]

Free Airtel GPRS

Using TeaShark on mobile, you can access FREE Airtel GPRS from mobile handset. Also using some more complex methods, as posted in comments you can access FREE Airtel GPRS via PC also.See another post of mine regarding Teashark , and also to download teashark. you will it at mobile hacking labels, written as your rightside […]

Nokia N79

The bar-shaped Nokia N79 has a bit more modest feature list but has better (or so it seems to us) looks and a more compact boy. It still supports all the four GSM bands but the 3G works only on the 900 and 2100 MHz bands. The display on the N79 is a 2.4″ QVGA […]