Top Female Technology Bloggers around

May it be in social field or educational field, male, always have been dominant in most of the field. In the crowd of this male emphasized world, there are some females who always stand one step ahead than their male competitors.
Among the competition, blogging and journalism is one of a kind. There are many females who have been blogging about food recipe, fashion, life style, etc. But the one who involves in Technology business outstands from the race, because there are very few Female Technologist who actively participates in blogging.

This time, in my blog, I am listing those successful  and powerful females, who have been actively participating in the field of Technology and Blogging.

Corvida Raven on 

The 21-year-old communications major employed tools like Twitter to garner the attention of the technorati — and land a gig at The Industry Standard. She has been helping others understand things that scare them, and how to turn around and face their fears with optimism. She wants to let you know the things you don’t know. That is what she’s doing in

Gina Trapini on and Lifehacker

Gina Trapani is the award-winning author, blogger, and programmer whose work translates cutting-edge technology into insights that boost personal productivity. She was the founding editor of, the seminal blog which garnered nominations for Blog of the Decade and yielded the best-selling book, Upgrade Your Life. She has been actively working on where she writes about the use of technology.

Mena Trot on and

Set up Six Apart with her husband and created the tools to enable the blogging revolution to take off with blogging tools TypePad and and Moveable Type. Both systems, while also used by big publishing companies, turned blogging from something you needed a lot of expertise to do to something everyone can do. She has been personally blogging on

Aliza Sherman on,, and Conversify

In 1995, Sherman started Webgrrls International, the first woman-owned, full-service Web company. These days, she writes for Web Worker Daily and has three popular blogs of her own.

Adria Richards on,,

Adria started her career at Geek Squad in 1999 and has 11 years of experience in the IT industry. She launched her own consulting company in 2006. She blogs here at ButYoureAGirl, offers online training at Freshworkshops, does a weekly tech show at AskAdria and strives to raise awareness for open source, cloud/SASS applications and equality in technology.

Isha Singh on 

She is the Editor-in-Chief and Owner of Cyber World. She is a technical blogger and writer specializing in blogging tips, product reviews and tutorials.

Ms. Ileane on MsIlean’s Blog

Ms. Ileane started blogging since 2009. Her blog blog provides information and tutorials on blogging and using social media, mostly Twitter.

Sarah Perez on

She is one of the top contributer to technology news website, ReadWriteWeb which have been syndicated by The New York Times. Currently, she is also one of the contrubuter to Microsoft’s Channel 10.

Shireen Mitchell on

As digital media, technology, and diversity analyst, she consults in areas of multimedia and social networks. She provides strategies, training, and publicly speak regularly.

I know I’ve missed lots of them, but these are the most I know. If you have any please suggest me, I’ll be happy to post in this blog.

Update: Thanks to Corvida for suggesting more people. I’ve have and will be adding more later.

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