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"Blogger Blogspot Shutting Down"

Who might have imagined that Geocities will shutdown. You never know what will happen tomorrow. Blogger created hundreds of thousands of bloggers in this world. Blogger is the beginner’s platform for blogging. WordPress is regarded better than Blogger. But if is shutting down then that will be the great loss in the history of […]

Better Image Uploading in Blogger

Google keeps testing and tweaking their application. May it be youtube or webmaster tools, Gmail or Google Reader the Google Team is always trying to make their tools more friendly and more fantastic. Google’s popular application, Blogger is now testing more advanced image posting feature for their blog users. One can see on test widgets […]

Converting WordPress Template to Blogger Template

Needless to say, WordPress has the better blogging platform than Blogger. However for the beginners like me, Blogger can be the best platform to experience much about blogging and template designing. That is why I am attached with Blogger and yet to learn so much about the secrets of Blogger. Hundreds and thousands of layouts […]

Google Adsense’s new and advanced user interface

Comparing the user interface of Google Adsense with Google Analytics, it seems Adsense is much classic. While Google Analytics is filled with all the ajax, Adsense seems to have only some CSS and HTMLs. Many of the Adsense users may be wondering if Google Adsense have its own detailed report, not only page wise but […]

Advanced Smarter Related Posts Widget for Blogger

You might have seen common related posts for your Blogspot blog(like this). They are all javascript driven widget. The Related Post widget in my blog (see at the bottom of the post) is smarter than other related posts widget that people offers. Why did I called it smart? Because this widget will list the top […]

Google’s related Posts widget for Blog and websites

Google once had a program called Related Links, started in 2006 and then cancelled in 2007. Now they’re reviving the name with a new Google Labs experiment. Google Related Links (II) shows further links from a given domain which are deemed relevant to a particular page the widget is embedded on. Features You can adjust […]

Related Post widget with thumbnails in blogger

. Here I got a nice tutorial to have related post with thumbnails. As seen from the Linkworth widget. So here is easy 2 step procedure. Sign in to blogger >> Layout >> Edit HTML >> Download Full Template >> Expand Widget Template. STEP 1 Press CTRL F and search </head> Now Add following code […]

Google Blogger’s new Post Published page

Blogger now gives something different link after you post a new post in your blog. The new page update features a link direct to your new post that you’ve just created. Previously it offered direct link to your blog only. This one is pretty simple but useful update by google blog systems.

Add high paying ads in your website or blog

Just good placement of ads and SEO optomization is not enough to increase your adsense revenue. You must also have good and high paying advertisements offered in your website or blog. To have high paying ads you must have high paying keywords. First you must remove the low paying adsense ads. To remove the low […]